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Menghe Institute

Practical Knowledge.  Professional Network.  Collaborative Healthcare.



Menghe Institute is founded by the Menghe-Ding family to supplement the current TCM system of academic training with an innovative curriculum.  Our classes are comprehensive, yet shorter than usual, to bridge the gap of practical clinical competence with education that rigorously excludes superfluous contents.  The subject-matter presented by our lecturers become easily applicable backbone for a modern course of alternative medicine that can be installed also at smaller academic institutions.



Menghe Institute connects TCM professionals with each other to level up their practice. When practitioners join Menghe Institute, they can access a lively online dialogue with their colleagues about every aspect of TCM practice. The practitioner forums are a valuable resource for students, newly licensed or seasoned practitioner who are committed to sharing their experience and making TCM knowledge more accessible.

Virtual Conference


Through our classes and practitioner forum, Menghe Institute provides a platform for TCM professionals to assume complementary roles and cooperatively work together, sharing responsibility for problem-solving and making decisions to formulate and carry out plans for patient care.

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Study Knowledge and Skills from the
Meng-Ding Lineage of Chinese Medicine

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Dr. Leon Hammer, M.D.

In partnership with the Contemporary Oriental Medicine (COM) Foundation, Menghe Institute offers twelve free lessons containing clinical wisdom and insight from the renowned Menghe-Ding lineage, and the life's work of Dr. John H.F. Shen, O.M.D. and Dr. Leon Hammer, M.D.

Hammer Course Outline
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Lesson 1

A new series of clinical insights: selections from 

Dr. Leon Hammer, M.D.

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Lesson 5

Introduction to ecology in Chinese medicine: etiological roots and clinical solution

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Lesson 9

Dr. Shen's Systems model: Nervous, Circulatory, Digestive, and Organ

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Lesson 2

Diagnostic signs and a supplementary document of

Suggested Herbs

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Lesson 6

A discussion of blood: exploring its importance in the body and the pathologies

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Lesson 10

Aetiologies, pathologies, and general herbal formulae of

Dr. Shen's Systems model

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Lesson 3

How subtle colors on the face can reveal early insults to physiology.

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Lesson 7

Etiologies of false blood deficiency and the significance of the Liver Qi

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Lesson 11

Overview of the Shen-Hammer pulse system in Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

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Lesson 4

Prevalent phenomena of overwork and over-exercise: a Chinese medicine point of view

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Lesson 8

A discussion of blood with an examination of hemorrhage and its associated pulse quality

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Lesson 12

Intro to Qi Wild theory, signs associated with the systemic condition, and how to manage it

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