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Celebrate Giving Tuesday with Menghe Wellness

On this Giving Tuesday, we reflect on Menghe’s past and present to envision an inclusive future. We thank our customers for supporting us to build on a century of tradition. The Free Medical Clinic at the San Mateo Samaritan House is a community #giveback project that our doctors and student-interns devote their time to practice TCM.

The project was initiated by Dr. Harry Ding in 2019 to honor his great-great grandfather Ding Ganren's devotion to #doinggood for the community.

Our Very First Share 2019

We have two private treatment rooms and one wonderful staff member from the Samaritan House to help us with appointments.

Can you spare 30 minutes to “do good” for the community with me?

These couple of weeks, the free acupuncture clinic at the Samaritan House in San Mateo County are picking up in speed. Patients I saw were primarily hispanic with limited to no English. The organization offered an interpreter to help during patient intake and after-treatment questions. The front desk was also extremely helpful in scheduling back-to-back treatment sessions to make the most of these hours. I am feeling things moving in the right direction with this philanthropy project and anticipating to need more volunteers in early 2020.

Here’s how your 30 minutes can “do good”:

  1. Be a clinic volunteer: help greet patients, set up the clinic space between patients.

  2. Be a volunteer doctor: if you’re a licensed acupuncturist, we can open up room 2 to treat 2 people per hour.

  3. Be my sounding board: just for being present is a powerful motivation for me to continue “giving” to the community. How else can I do better? Who do you know that may need my medical skills?

  4. Donate goods and money: this is a legit 501c3 effort, so any goods and monies received for this is tax-deductible.

Thank you for reading! More updates to come!

2021-2022 New Doctor - Dr. Cate Liu

We're fortunate to have Dr. Cate Liu join us this quarter to provide treatment every Tuesday.

A proud graduate of Five Branches University, Dr. Cate Liu has devoted her career to Traditional Chinese Medicine since she immigrated to the U.S. in 2015. She is passionate about establishing a trusting relationship with her patients to achieve optimal results. Dr. Cate Liu currently leads the new member's program at Menghe Wellness and is studying alongside Dr. Harry to gain first-hand clinical experience in Menghe Medicine and neuro-acupuncture.

To make an appointment at the Samaritan House Medical Clinic, call (650) 578-0400.

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