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Menghe Legacy - Dr. Ding Ganren

Dr. Ding Ganren was native of Menghe Town in Wujin County of Jiangsu Province. In his early studies as a Chinese medicine student, he learned from Dr. Ma Zhongqing, and later followed famous doctor named Dr. Ma Peizhi. Dr. Ding Ganren practiced multi-discipline clinical skills with Dr. Ma Peizhi in areas of internal, external, and laryngology. After completing his studies, Dr. Ding Ganren practiced medicine in Wuxi and Suzhou, and then went to Shanghai. In 1916, he founded the Shanghai School of Traditional Chinese Medicine with colleagues Xia Yingtang and Xie Liheng, where they served as the ministers. He also set up the Southern and Northern branches of Guangyi Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospitals in Shanghai as affiliated hospitals of the school and served as the dean. In 1921, Dr. Ding Ganren and others initiated the establishment of the “Shanghai Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine” and served as its president. His main academic works include “Summary of Medicinal Properties”, “Summary of Pulse Studies”, and “Treatment Summary of Scarlet Fever”.

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