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Practicing Meditation To Achieve Peace and Relaxation 冥想能帮助身心灵放松

From a holistic perspective, mind-body balance is the most important fundamental to self-care. Every day besides the good energy, we will take in negative energy and stress. Our energy flow will be much smoother when we are able to overcome the negative energy and stress. How do you achieve that? Take some time each day to quiet your mind by doing meditation. Meditation brings us peace of awareness and profound relaxation. Practicing meditation regularly brings the most benefits.

从整体角度来看,身心平衡是自我保健的最重要基础。 每天,除了吸收正气之外,我们还会接触负能量和压力。 当我们能够克服这些负能量和压力时,气将更加顺畅。 这个状态该如何实现的呢?每天花一些时间通过冥想使自己的思想平静。 冥想带给我们宁静的意识和深刻的放松。 定期练习冥想会给身心带来最大的好处。

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