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Special Activities for Father’s Day

The month of June celebrates Father’s Day and we’re going to share a special father’s day workout and activities for all the dads.

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Fishing with Dad

A little bonding over the sea or lake is one of the best treat we can offer to our daddies for Father’s Day.

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Camping with Dad

Appreciating nature and breath fresh air will help our daddies away from work-related things and responsibilities. Give him some time to be free in the wild!

Golf with Dad

If you can’t buy him golf things, bring him to the golf area! Aside from the healthy benefits of golfing, this idea will give him relaxation just for a day! To stay fit and healthy, we encourage all the daddies to do this simple workout.

Special Workout Instruction:

  1. 10 burpees

  2. 30 pushups

  3. 20 air squats

How to do burpees

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How to do a pushup

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How to do an air squat

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