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Tips to Relieve Neck Pain

I recently treated a few patients with neck pain, and I know we have lots of company here suffering from the same problem.  Neck pain is one of the most common pain treated in my clinic. Most patients feel neck pain and tightness, headache, numbness, and tingling, in extreme cases, patients might have difficulty to walk. Today I would like to share some tips to loosen a tense neck.

1. Neck rotation

You can do this stand or sit, begin by tilting your neck to the right. Slowly roll your head in counterclockwise direction. Repeat this for 3-5times and change the direction.

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2. Seated Neck Release When seated, keep both feet flat on the ground. Extend your right arm along the right side of the chair. Place your left hand on the top of your head and slowly tilt your head to left. Apply gentle pressure with your hand and hold for 30 seconds. Then we switch side and repeat this for 2-3 times.

When dealing with neck pain, it’s always good to loosing up your shoulders since most of the time neck and shoulders are connected.  Shoulder roll is good for shoulder and upper back. Roll your shoulders in a circular motion forward and back several times and you can do it anywhere you want!

Neck pain is common but preventable with good posture and right exercise. But if your problem persists or worsens, contact your doctor or healthcare provider for professional treatment.

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